Hi Mark
just posting an update in regards my progress "new speakers". It has been two weeks of endless testing/measuring and unfortunately, I have to say that I'm disappointed again with the harshness of the tweeter and basically some notes just not sounding right.

I got so tired I had to stop. all this hard work and its not working .....

So after a day of rest, I thought it is a time to change the deqx 4 and replace it with the 3.
I have fit the digital board to yourHDP3 and replaced it with my HDP4 and just finish listening well I can not believe how good it is sounding it did fix every note and harshness I was complaining about.
I will have a more listen tomorrow but it seems to me that all the trouble for me is the HDP4.
BTW I did have to switch off the upsampling from my Mutec so 44khz goes to the HDP 3
ALSO NO more clicking noise

Just between you and me, I can not believe that it took me so long to sort it out also I just can not believe why DEQX left the upsampling to 96 by default.I'm sure that there are more people like me not liking the sound either upsampling or the DAC ETC: steven setup (I've heard more people mentioning that his system is just too bright )

Now my issues would be what can I use next to implement 4 way. Initially thought to use my HDP4 as a slave
but it will upsample all incoming signal so really I need 2 HDP3 .I will set up setup yours and mine to see if it is any good. If all is good I can sell my 4 and surely get 2 hand old deqx but still I need a digital board.

Anyway, the good thing is to finaly find out what the problem is


Hi Mark


Did some more thinking and what to ask you

if you be interested at

1) 8"and 18" enclosures including drivers

Price: swap for dayton's

2) 8"and 18" enclosures excluding drivers

Price: Free

3) non above

pls let me know