GTG - Saturday 1_12_2018   VICTORIA POINT


I've recently finished my latest project using SB/SS acoustic drivers, as usual,
I'm hosting a small GTG to found out what you guys think about the sound.
I'm pleased with the outcome and think these are the best speakers I made so far.
It will start at 10 AM till late
Here is a link with some more details about how they were built.

PLS email if you are thinking of attending thanks Jiri

Speakers: (4way fully active)


PC ASUS mini 
Mutec MC 3.1+
Mutec  MC 6  
Wave files 16/ 44

HF driver = Ice power digital amp 250W/8
MID drivers   6.5   = Ice power digital amp 500W/8
MID/BASS  10 = power digital amp 2400W/8
BASS  18 = power digital amp 2400W/8

Total 5.5Kw per side

DAC: Crossover
DEQX HDP4 as a Master (3way)
DEQX HDP3 as a Slave (4 way)