Hi Everyone
I do apologize but due to sudden circumstances I have postponed my meeting (3_3_2018_) 

GTG - Saturday 3_3_2018   VICTORIA POINT


I'm working on a new (old) project as you guys might know I was working on PHL towers but after some testing, I decided not to go ahead with that project ETC it is done but it does not sounds as good as I was hoping for.
I have moved to my old project single drivers (no towers) and also back to using PSE 144 horn.
I always like the PSE but I was not able to get them working 100% now aftersome intensive testing /measuring I got them sound pretty good so I'm thinking to host a really small GTG to see what you guys think and perhaps I will get some suggestion where can I improve Plase let me know if you interested


Speakers: (4way fully active)


PC ASUS mini 
Mutec MC 1.2-
Mutec  MC 6  
Wave files 16/ 44

HF driver = Ice power digital amp 250W/8
MID drivers   6.5   = Ice power digital amp 500W/8
MID/BASS  10  = Ice power digital amp with analog power supply 250W/8
BASS  18 = Ice power digital amp with analog power supply 250W/8

DAC: Crossover
DEQX HDP4 as a Master (3way)
DEQX HDP3 as a Slave (4 way)
Earthworks M30

Drivers On the day:
(per side)

PSE 144 (midrange /Tweter )

PHL -1off 8" 2420 (mid.bass drivers)

PHL- 1off 18"7031 (bass)