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Construction of Raal JKN 01 MTM






List of Materials

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1) 27MM Armor ply (Hardwood) 34FT

2) 24MM Subdue ply 909

3) V4SC Tiles

4) Threaded inserts (6mm, 4mm, 8mm)

5) Glue (see Test)

The material 27MM Armorply for the internal boxes and braces turned up. It had to be ordered as 28mm as it is not standard size). All the sheets have to be milled down to a more precise measurement. They have up to 1mm and some up to 2mm differences within a sheet .We would get away with 0.3. So milling was essential.

I have to find a CNC place call Photo Mounts & Albums where all cutting & Milling took place.

All the bits at home and are ready for some hand sanding, drilling and cutting (degrees). Now I can prepare for (dry) assembly.   


Dry assembly.

Some Routing has to be done on internal braces.

Holes have to be drilled for the speaker cables (internal & external).
Gluing and cutting damping tiles (4VS).These tiles again are used in boating and particularly in air crafts to damp /reduce a noise These tiles are very heavy. They are around 5kg each!! But easy to apply as they are self-adhesive. Nevertheless I will be tiling for a week if lucky because it is really tricky a time consuming job. 

The main reason I use 4VS was to damper (even more) the Hardwood ply. It has a rubber finish inside the internal box after the aluminium film (on the 4VS) is striped off.

One speaker is partly finished and everything is tiled at this stage. More tiling is required after the speaker is glued etc. (without the sides).
This job also turned out to be really time consuming.

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