This test was done by Rob

(Material Hardwood Armor Ply 34 Ft)

1) Fulaprane 303

2) Selleys Durabond

3) Bostic MDF

Fulaprene 303

Initial results on the "Glue experiment" on the hardwood ply after 20 hours of curing (and clamped for all of that time):
Fulaprene 303 - Not good, easily broke it with my hands, maybe it needs longer to harden so I have another sample I will leave for a week but for the effort, I don't think it is worth it. The glue peeled off the wood.

Selleys Durabond

Selleys Durabond (polyurethane) - Much, much better, could only just break the bond with my hands. It had seeped into the wood and pulled some of the top fibres of the ply away with it.

Bostick MDF Glue

Bostick MDF Glue (cross linked aliphatic pva - the yellow stuff, same as Selleys Trademan/ Exterior pva I think).
I couldn't break the bond with my hands, had to resort to giving it a fair (but calibrated) whack with a hammer to break it. It had also seeped into the wood (although visually it didn't look like it) and pulled most of the top layer of ply off with it. A clear winner after 20 hours of clamped curing, and also the cheapest and easiest to work with.


(Disclaimer - all the tests were carried out with absolutely NO care or attention to details. Although the instruction were followed regarding application of the product, they were slapped together in the best dodgey practice possible at 9pm at night. Samples were NOT clean and free of dust etc and the person doing the test was slightly intoxicated. I figure if they worked well despite all those factors, then they should be pretty well fool proof in practice.)