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Construction of Raal JKN 01 MTM



Both speakers are ready to be glued (without the sides). Rob and Mark came to give me a hand. If they ever read this I would like to thank them for their help,really much appreciated .I thought that this could be a one man job but looking back I'm glad that I got the extra hand from Rob and Mark as it turned out to be more complicated.

We had about let say 5 minutes (drying time of the glue was 2 minutes at 20 degrees)!!! to apply the glue assembly for the transmition line and then line it up with the sides front and back and then clamp it.I have to say all of us were pretty busy .

I'm happy with the overall result. The boxes are ready for the next step before they can be fully closed off.







Now it's back to work, mainly fiddly jobs like cutting all the bits for the TL and again tilling all the inside pieces.
I had to glue some off cuts together as some pieces needed to be more than 27 m






All the bits are cut and glued in (TL). Now I have to seal all he joins on the VS4 (dampening tile) and all around .Pretty easy job just a very untidy finish as I could not reach some of the spots inside the line so I used a homemade tool to scrap the sealant off the sides.I'm not 100% happy with the visual aspect but it is done properly.Now a another tricky job is to cover the sides with (VS4) so they fit perfectly inside layout (TL) for gluing and closing the speaker off.




I have managed to seal the boxes completely even in the less accesable areas. I had to use a heat shrink attachment

on top off the nozzle. I have homemade a tool to smooth it off nicely, it all came good.




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