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Construction of Artisan™ R1000  




Design by : Russell Storey

(From Stones Sound Studio)

Constructed by : Jiri


Stones Sound Studio



Link for Artisan R 1000 Subwoofer active version


There are different  versions of the Artisan™ R1000  Subwoofer which I  designed and has been manufactured  since 2000 including  “ centre mounted drivers” (including  jiri’s version ), off set drivers  with wood trim (std version)  remote controlled , no remote  with vented  sealed and passive driver combinations.  Also  Models  with external and internal  amplifiers     


12’ Peerless Xls 830500




Electrical Data

Nominal Impedance Zn 8 Ohms

Minimum Impedance Zmin 4.7 Ohms

Maximum Impedance 64.2 Ohms

DC Resistance Re 3.5 Ohms

Voice Coil Inductance Le 4.2 mH

Capacitor in series with x ohm Cc 38 uF


TS Parameters

Resonance Frequency:  fs 18.1Hz

Mechanical Q factor:  QMS 3.7

Electrical Q factor:  QES 0.21

Total Q factor:  Qts 0.2

Force Factor:  Bl 17.6 Tm

Mechanical Resistance:  Rms 5.12Kg/s

Moving Mass:  Mms 166.3g

Suspension Compliance:  Cms 0.46mm/N

Effective cone diameter:  D 24.4cm

Effective Piston Area:  sd 466 cm"2

Equivalent Volume:  Vas 139.2 ltrs

Sensitivity:  2.83V/1m - 90.6 dB

Ratio BL/v:  Re 90


Voice Coil and Magnet Parameters

Voice Coil Diameter: 51mm

Voice Coil Height: 33mm

Voice Coil Layers: 4

Height of the Gap: 8mm

Flux density of gap: 1.04mWb

Total Useful Flux: 2.5mWb

Diameter of Magnet: 147

Height of Magnet: 35mm

Weight of Magnet: 2.42Kg





12’ Peerless Xls 830548

(Passive Radiator)


TS Parameters

Resonance Frequency:  fs 10.4Hz

Mechanical Q factor:  QMS 15.2

Mechanical Resistance:  Rms 1.8Kg/s

Moving Mass:  Mms 425g

Suspension Compliance:  Cms 0.55mm/N

Effective Piston Area:  sd 466 cm"2

Equivalent Volume:  Vas 169.9 ltrs

Effective cone diameter:  D


Drivers has arrived



(QC) Quality Control of Driver & Crossover


All Loudspeaker Drivers I sell are Quality control checked mechanically for cone alignments and compliance,


The  driver is then  swept with a sine wave  from 10Hz to 40Khz Using the  LMS “ Loudspeaker Analyzer “  for impedance, level,  voice coil aberrations (noise) and phase pulse test .(phasing error)


 If the drivers are part of a  STONES Speaker Kit then the Crossover unit & internal wiring plus speaker terminals are included in the QC testing to ensure that You receive a quality speaker Kit, that when installed works and provides excellent sound quality the first time.  Speaker Kits are supplied

In matched pairs with Left & Right Speaker, marked on the Drivers and Crossover units. The Stones level 3 upgrade Kits crossovers *and drivers are hand tuned and listen to in an evaluation enclosure before shipment. 

If the Loudspeaker Drivers do not pass QC testing then they are not sold .









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